Dec 4

Introducing WaveSpot!

Posted 7 years ago


Plug Your Place Digital Media is proud to introduce that we have become an authorized partner/reseller of WaveSpot; Facebook enabled social WiFi hotspot that helps Doctor's Offices, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Salons and other businesses! Keep reading - and be ready to be amazed!
Automate Social Media Marketing with your own Social WiFi Hub


Convert your business location into an engaging social hangout with a Facebook and Twitter enabled ...

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Oct 21

New-Build Website Benefits

Posted 7 years ago


Plug Your Place Digital Media is excited to announce more benefits for new-build websites! Even though some benefits are optional, all of our benefits will GREATLY enhance your website's appearance and navigation! Enhancing features such as speed, appearance, and navigation has been PROVEN to attract more viewers, and attract them for longer periods of time!
If you're not familiar with some of these benefits, no worries, we'll explain them all to you! After ...

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Sep 11

NEW Online Artwork Designer

Posted 7 years ago


PYP has embed an Artwork Designer by Pixlr, an easy-to-use online artwork designer & editor! Don't have Photoshop or another artwork/photo editor? Don't worry, we've got you AND the expenses of a photo editor covered! And what's great about it, is it's FREE and available to use 24/7!

You don't have to be Photoshop savvy, you simply create a new image, select the 'movie 1080p' image size, design your artwork with the artwork ...

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Aug 9

iStarterStudio is now LIVE!

Posted 7 years ago


We have finally done it! As promised, PYP introduces the iStarterStudio, StarterStudio mobilized! With this new feature, StarterStudio users will be able to preview their running slides, delete slides, unpublish slides, publish slides in the unpublished list, update slide schedule, and fully utilize our online Customer Support Forum!
For obvious reasons, the only feature that is unavailable via iStarterStudio is creating NEW slides. However, the iStarterStudio enhances your StarterStudio experience by giving users the ...

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