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Aug 9

iStarterStudio is now LIVE!

Posted 7 years ago


We have finally done it! As promised, PYP introduces the iStarterStudio, StarterStudio mobilized! With this new feature, StarterStudio users will be able to preview their running slides, delete slides, unpublish slides, publish slides in the unpublished list, update slide schedule, and fully utilize our online Customer Support Forum!
For obvious reasons, the only feature that is unavailable via iStarterStudio is creating NEW slides. However, the iStarterStudio enhances your StarterStudio experience by giving users the ...

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Aug 8


Posted 7 years ago


We are actually ALWAYS hiring salespersons! A successful business can never have too many salespersons! PYP is looking for dedicated people to join our sales team to help expand our service area! This is a commission-based job; but what's great about it, is we don't give you a schedule; YOU make your own! You get paid by results, and can make as much as YOU want (NO CAP)!
Sound interesting? Click the ...

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Aug 3

NEW Online Marketing Service

Posted 7 years ago


PYP is proud to announce our NEW Online Marketing Service! We have put together multiple packages, for ONE purpose; marketing! PYP would love to market your business, products, and/or services!
As we all know, advertising your business is one of the best ways to increase revenue. One would ask, "why advertise"? The answer to that question is quite simple, and we can answer it in just a short-four word sentence; because your competitors are! ...

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