Jul 29

Our NEW website is live!


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Our NEW website is now live! We have designed our new site for better navigation and different look! We have also added new pages such as; News, Testimonials, Support Forum for PYP's MyHD Signage users, Newsletter Subscription, Employment, and many more. Navigate around our site to see all of our new pages and site features!
Mobile Version
Unlike our old website, our new site is now mobile friendly! Our servers will detect mobile browsers and automatically switch viewers to the mobile version of our website.
Accounts Payable
After many requests, we have added an Accounts Payable page for our customers to have the option to pay their invoices instantly online! PYP will eventually be switching over to digital payments, digital documents, and digital signature(s). In other words, you could say PYP is GOING GREEN!
MyHD Signage
MyHD Signage platform is still not available via mobile devices! Our next step to enhancing our site is to make the MyHD Signage platform available to manage via mobile devices! Please stay connected to our news page for updates on 'MyHD Signage Mobile' (coming soon!).

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