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iStarterStudio is now LIVE!


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We have finally done it! As promised, PYP introduces the iStarterStudio, StarterStudio mobilized! With this new feature, StarterStudio users will be able to preview their running slides, delete slides, unpublish slides, publish slides in the unpublished list, update slide schedule, and fully utilize our online Customer Support Forum!
For obvious reasons, the only feature that is unavailable via iStarterStudio is creating NEW slides. However, the iStarterStudio enhances your StarterStudio experience by giving users the flexibility and mobility of manage their HD Signage content! Never worry about what signage slides are when you don't have access to a computer! Login securely from a mobile device and voila'; your running slides appear on the first page just like on the desktop version. Not sure what a specific slide schedule is set to?; no worries, you can check the schedule of unpublished slides from your mobile device as well!
Logging in note: To login via mobile device, you can either go directly to, or when you're on any page at, visit 'MyHD Signage' from the mobile site's menu.
For more information on StarterStudio and iStarterStudio, visit

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