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NEW Online Artwork Designer


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PYP has embed an Artwork Designer by Pixlr, an easy-to-use online artwork designer & editor! Don't have Photoshop or another artwork/photo editor? Don't worry, we've got you AND the expenses of a photo editor covered! And what's great about it, is it's FREE and available to use 24/7!

You don't have to be Photoshop savvy, you simply create a new image, select the 'movie 1080p' image size, design your artwork with the artwork editing tools, save it, and upload it to your HD Signage through your MyHD Signage control panel! Still have no fear, PYP's support team are here to help users during ANY stage of their MyHD Signage experience. Visit our Support Forum (when logged in) to view past support threads regarding your question or problem, OR if you can't find your question and/or problem, just shoot us your question or problem by creating a new thread and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible!
The Artwork Designer by Pixlr provides MyHD Signage users with powerful tools, an image navigator, layers, and effects. These easy-to-use tools will be sure to help you design your next big idea for your HD Signage! Create a FREE Pixlr account within the platform and save your brilliant artwork designs to be edited at a later time!
We have added the new Online Artwork Designer icon to the MyHD Signage navigation overlay. Users will notice the newly added icon the next time they sign in! Just look for the following image in the navigation overlay:
So if you don't already have PYP's HD Signage service, what are you waiting for? Be sure to 'get connected' by contacting us today for a FREE consultation!

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