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Introducing WaveSpot!


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Plug Your Place Digital Media is proud to introduce that we have become an authorized partner/reseller of WaveSpot; Facebook enabled social WiFi hotspot that helps Doctor's Offices, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Salons and other businesses! Keep reading - and be ready to be amazed!
Automate Social Media Marketing with your own Social WiFi Hub


Convert your business location into an engaging social hangout with a Facebook and Twitter enabled WiFi
What’s Wavespot?

Wavespot’s job is simple, connect people with great businesses. Transform your WiFi into  Wavespot’s Social Hub & make marketing plug and play. Customers log into your WiFi in with a social network and instantly receive rewards, coupons, and emails based on their visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them.
      A full solution loyalty device
A platform to stay in touch through social media
An expansion into social media marketing
A system to intelligently reward customers
Completely cloud based. No download
Free Wi-Fi for Customers
A solution to send rewards to customers
Loyalty that reaches in-store and out
A comprehensive customer relationship manager
An automated email marketing machine
All-in-one marketing manager
We know you are tired of managing multiple social media,loyalty and couponing services. Who really has the time? Our hub is the only tool your business will need for your marketing.
Customize offers to your customers in real time
Incentivize customers to bring in their friends
Track your social media growth
Integrates with:
Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor, Pardot
Helps understand first time and repeat customer
Compatible with popular plugins
Shows your increase in revenue
Integrates with:
    Mailchimp, Madmimi, Constant Contact
A customer to customer rewards machine

Want your customers to bring in their friends? We make that happen and businesses don’t even have to lift a finger. By streamlining sharing and automating social media, we incentivize in store customers to promote your business to their friends, sharing coupons and offers instantly. Check out our smart offers platform that is guaranteed to bring you more customers.
A built in drag-and-drop email manager

Were you born to be creative? With Wavespot you can easily customize all aspects of the email experience, from design all the way up to execution. Create an engaging experience with your clients by using any of our hundreds of ready made templates.
So what do you think? Pretty awesome, isn't it?! We've already had some clients say this system sounds too good to be true; well it's true! And Plug Your Place Digital Media is a part of it! Interested? Great! We'll even assist you in the setup process! So what are you waiting for?
or contact your PYP Digital Media Representative for details and to ORDER!

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