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StarterStudio is a signage presentation builder for beginners

It's so easy, we'll give you screenshots instead of going into details about the platform that you probably don't even care about!

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We have created a navigation area that stays by your side the entire time you are logged into you MyHD Signage account!

No matter what page you on within the MyHD Signage platform, you will always be able to rely on your navigation area to take you where you want to go, on the fly! Hover over each icon to preview what each icon does, and where it directs you!

Is the navigation bar in your way? No problem! We have took different browsing sizes into consideration by giving users the ability to move the navigation bar anywhere on their screen!


We have given you THREE options for publishing your HD Signage slide! You can either publish the slide immediately, set a publish start date AND time, and set an unpublish date AND time! How cool is that?!

If you are limited to the number of running-published slides at once, when a new slide publish's, whether from a schedule and/or manually, the LAST published slide on your preview page will be kicked off the signage. Don't worry, we didn't set the platform to delete the slide, it's still chilling in your published list!


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