If you are creating a personal website, you may want to add a BLOG to share news, comments, or diary entries with site visitors.

However blogs are not just for personal websites; they are perfect for business too. Keep your visitors updated with the latest news, new products or services or a list of upcoming events.  Comments from customers or members can close the loop for your marketing and product development activities too.


A blog, abbreviation coming from web log, is part of your website in which messages are posted and displayed.

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Podcasting is the process of creating content (audio/video) for a target audience who want to listen or watch when, where and how they want.

Podcasting distributes multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos over the internet and for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. One of the cool features is that registered users can elect to receive automatic updates when you upload a new podcast.


Usually a podcast features a serial 'show', with new episodes released either sporadically or at planned intervals such as daily or weekly. In addition, there are podcast networks that feature multiple shows on the same feed.

Broadcasting over the internet gets really easy with Plug Your Place built-in podcasting feature they will intigrate into your website!

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For those with a passion for digital images (digital camera, mobile phone/devices, etc.) Plug Your Place also offers a Photoblog feature.

Photoblog allows you (and any person/visitor you authorize) to upload images & associated message online.

It works like a normal blog except that its designed to showing images instead of messages only.


Visitors can view the blog photos (including archives) and leave comments.

Each photo is stored with date header, title, content, EXIF information, and footer.

If you are into images, this feature is a must-have for you! Share your holidays, snaps, or business projects or accomplishments!

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Having your own calendar online can be important! Whether you have a non-profit web community, a personal site or an e-commerce website, the integrated calendar enhances online planning and communication.

The calendar Plug Your Place can intigrate into your website is customizable to your needs. Display 1, 3 or 12 month view.

Adding events is done online through a login link. This means that you have access and control over your calendar from wherever you are online.

Just think about your local sports club or circle of friends. Have you ever been asked to organize a dinner or prize night for your sports club? Remember how much work & emails that involved? Organizing these events can be very easy with the calendars 'Event Manager'. Just create your event, put a deadline on it, and send out an email to all people involved. Your friends can now register online for the event. Up to the deadline you set, they can change their minds as many times as they want. At the deadline you just send out an email to all people who registered for this event!


With the built-in Event Manager, you can:

Promote your event online

Send email invitations

Create contact lists

Integrate this event in your own web calendar

Show all participants on your event page

Send an automated email to confirmed attendees

...and lots more!

The Event Manager is ideal for almost anything calendar related, such as:

Sports Clubs

Social Clubs


Business Events & Meetings


Camps & Schools

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Doing business on the internet has become the standard for many companies and organizations. Plug Your Place makes it easy to manage your own e-commerce page(s)! In a single day you can be doing business on the internet.

Offer your products for sale and accept payment from any major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).

Plug Your Place currently supports the following payment partners:

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A guestbook is a logging system that allows website visitors to leave a public comment.


Having your own guestbook also means that your visitors generate interesting content by posting messages. Plug Your Place can also setup the guestbook feature to act as a 'review' and/or 'testimonial' page; allowing the public to rate your business, service(s), etc. in either stars or numbers, all with leaving a comment (similar to Google and Facebook reviews)! There’s always something new to see!

By adding the guestbook feature to your website you can also build up a great mailing list to keep your visitors up-to-date!

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With the built-in subscription forms you can collect data from your visitors to help you grow and manage one of your most important assets - your email list.

Whether you have a large list of customer email addresses, or you are just starting out, this tool will help you make the most of every contact.

You can manage your subscriptions, add or delete email addresses and send them an online newsletter.

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Create professional multi-page online surveys easily. Several question types are available. Plug Your Place can also include survey on external website via iframe code!

RSS or Real Simple Syndication allows you to tap into news feeds and other RSS publications and make it available on your site. This is a great way of adding realtime updated content to keep your site looking fresh.


A unique feature Plug Your Place can setup is that we can *combine* different RSS feeds into a new information page.

For example, we could take the best from Yahoo.com and combine it with your local sportclubs info or with MSN info.

Creating unique information pages on the internet will help you get better results with your website.

Of course, your websites own modules can generate RSS feeds to be used by other people as well! Calendar, Blog, PhotoBlog, Event Manager, and PodCasting can all generate RSS feeds for other people to subscribe to!